Japanese Abortion

by Cherry Ripe

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These are songs that were attempted a few weeks after the release of Boys. I felt on a high; I felt I was going to get a million things done.

And then I never did.

These two songs were mostly finished before sinking into a depression that lasted quite a few months. The project that I was working on basically fell apart, and I wasn't able to finish it in its entirety before the arbitrary completion date passed in my mind.

I began working on another project when I felt that my mind was clear enough. I was still rather fogged up. Those songs will probably never see the light of day, in part because I don't like the version of myself that I was when writing them.

However, for some months, I'd been meaning to complete these two tracks because I still felt that they were worth publishing. The original project they were from may be revisited at some point but for now these two are the only songs that I feel strong enough to publish.


CR xxx


released April 25, 2017

Photo taken by Kyra Elizabeth. (Thank you :))




Cherry Ripe Orlando, Florida

I make music whenever I can or whenever inspiration hits. It's always good when those two things come at the same time.

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Track Name: Japan
I left her in Japan
I left her ass in Japan
She wanted me to be her man
I left her ass in Japan

After a little boy, there was a fat man
Took away the cherry blossoms
I left her in Japan

I left her in Japan
I left her ass in Japan
Cos she wanted me to be her man
I left her in Japan

Blankly intimate to me, got crocodile tears in my eyes
Breathing fire, left her reeling
I left her in Japan

I'll do the best that I can
With a thousand yard stare and worthless plans
What else was I supposed to do
I left her ass in Japan
Track Name: Moon in Gemini
You let me stay here
Where waves and worlds collide
You and the moon in Gemini

Why did you come here
With your eyes so bright
You and the moon in Gemini